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Online Ordering 

Online Ordering Does NOT guarantee Next Day Delivery, if you need it right away please call and place your order

We make every effort to deliver your fuel as soon as we possibly can. Factors such as workload, immediate need, and availability play into the time frame in which you receive your delivery. Most deliveries are made within 2-3 business days depending on the above factors, but that time frame could be, on rare occasions and during peak winter months, up to 7-10 business days. Unless you are an Automatic Delivery customer, checking your tank regularly and scheduling a delivery well in advance helps us as well as you. If you have a credit on your account from a previous delivery, and would like to use the funds, please call our office as the online portal does not allow for that. For immediate service or you are a first-time customers you must call our office at

508-434-1335 and we will do our best to try and accommodate you.

To place your order, simply click the button below and follow the steps. For first time online orders after clicking the Online Order link select Request Access to My Account to set up your online account with us.

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